Thursday, April 17, 2008



 Catholic Church in new plan to boost vocations
Monastic weekend (check our web page for dates)

A Catholic Church strategy to overcome the shortage of religious and priest and to boost its dwindling numbers  was launched by  Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in the Procathedral last Sunday evening the 13th April, 2008.  The Archbishop reminded Irish Catholics that being a Christian is not a "spectator sport" and bishops needed to "recall to all that you cannot be simply a passive Christian."

Blessing a specially commissioned 'Year of Vocation' candle, the Archbishop said that Catholics should not be "sitting on the sidelines, or watching from the grandstand when the occasion arises."

The launch of a year long campaign as the Irish Church is confronted with a crisis of ageing clergy and religious and few recruits. In 2007 228 nuns died, with few recruits to the religious life.  160 priests died last year, while only nine were ordained.

The campaign, which ends in May 2009, aims to raise an awareness of the specific vocations of marriage, the religious life, the single life and priesthood.

The Archbishop said that being a Catholic meant answering the call of Christ and changing our way of living.

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Sr Eleanor said...

Hi Sr Lucy! I'm happy to have found your blog. I think that people who are discerning their vocation are encouraged by reading something by or about those who have recently undertaken the same journey that they are considering. So I'm going to put a link to your page on my own blog, which is dedicated to things which may help those discerning vocation to monastic life. Call over and have a look:
And do keep posting!
This is the weekend that you are hosting a "monastic experience" event. I pray that it is fruitful for those who participate, and for your community.
May the Holy Spirit enlighten and direct us all.
God bless,
Sr Eleanor (Glencairn)